I Am Afraid of Healthcare Visits

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I am the type of person who is afraid of anything to do with a health care professional. If I have a dentist appointment, I am a basket case. If I need to go to the doctor for anything, I get super nervous. I don’t want to be this way, but it is the way I am. When my doctor told me he wanted me to see a chiropractor in Santa Maria for my lower back pain, the adrenaline started flowing right away. I knew that I would go, but I also knew that I needed to get as much information as possible about chiropractic care before I even stepped foot in his office.

It made sense to me that my doctor would refer me to a chiropractor since the pain was in my back, but that did not mean I felt comfortable with the idea. I went home from that appointment and learned as much as I could about what to expect. I had all kinds of mental images of torture devices, which is complete silliness, I know. It did me a lot of good to read that I will lie on a table on my tummy, and he will determine the best way to approach my back issues.

My doctor had already taken X-rays and ruled out anything major, but the pain was persistent. When I did finally get to the chiropractor’s office later that week, he ended up using electrical stimulation, which helped to loosen up the muscles in my back. I felt different even before I got up from the table, and I realized that I was actually looking forward to coming back. I knew that I would not be afraid to come back because the instant relief has a way of making me forget to even be afraid!