The House Will Be Ready Soon

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The place is in a good location and that was why we were ready to take on the trouble of getting it fixed up, even though there is a lot of things that needs to be done. Of course we are only focused on the things which are most pressing right now. We need to get a Suffolk county tree pruning service to work upon the trees and give up some more sunlight in the back yard. Right now the yard is in shade nearly the entire day and we are going to clear it up so that it is nice and sunny for a much larger part of the day. Of course the sweet gum trees are not going to survive this. If you go out in the yard now you will see that it is covered with their stupid gum balls and I am not going to deal with those things any longer than I have to do it. However that is not something that has to be done in the immediate future.

The kitchen is not beyond repair, but it is going to need to be fixed at some point. However that does not need to be too soon and if we do not have the money it might not happen for quite some time. The bathroom is another story in fact. It has to be fixed up and there is a real issue with the floor beneath the bath tub. I would suspect that there is going to some proof that at some point in time the bath tub overflowed and seriously damaged the wood in the floors. I have to have an inspector come and look at it and when they do I am sure they will say the sub flooring is damaged and must be replaced.