Pain in My Toe Caused by My Back

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It started out feeling like a cramp in my big toe on my left foot. The pain was like a cramp, but there was no pulling or tightening of the muscles there. It would come in waves at different times of the day. The pain was getting more severe as the days went by. It would burn too. I noticed that the pain would subside a little bit if I stretched out my back. I thought that was kind of odd to have a pain in my toe caused by my back. I went to a Santa Barbara chiropractor who told me that it was likely sciatica pain. Some people say they feel pain shoot down their legs and into their big toe that feels like being shocked while being on fire with gasoline. That actually described what happens with my right leg at times.

I did not know that back trouble could cause pain somewhere else in your body, but I do know that after the chiropractic adjustments the pain was gone. I went through some more therapy and some muscle-building exercises to help make it so the pain would not come back. The adjustments took care of the pain that was happening now. About the only time I start to have trouble with the pain coming back is when I do not do my exercises or really over work myself not taking precautions lifting things the right way. I can also get it if I sit wrong. I started to get pain sitting on the edge of a hard surface. I was told that the edge probably just put a lot of pressure on the nerve irritating it.

I do not like to take medications, so I am happy there is chiropractic medicine that can help me feel better when I am not careful with my back.