1. How can I place an order from abroad?

Fill out the order form and:
a). OPTION 1: Make an electronic transfer between banks at least 72 hours in advance for corroboration.
B). OPTION 2: Send a tour through JET PERU, MONEY GRAM, WESTER UNION in the name of Rosa Elena Vásquez Quiñónez and inform us by telephone at (511) 234-8030, (511) 98469604 or via the Internet at the following address: pedidos @ castilloazulsac. com

2. Who assumes the transfer or transfer order?

The client.

3. How far in advance should I place the order in Lima?

It must be made to the maximum with 24 hours of anticipation. Prior confirmation of cash deposit.

4. In what districts do we offer coverage?

– Barranco
– Pueblo Libre
– Breña
– Miraflores
– Chorrillos
– Jesus Maria
– San Isidro
– Magdalena del Mar
– San Miguel (up to Av. Universitaria)
– Surquillo
– Lima
– Surco
– La Victoria (Santa Catalina)
– San Borja
– Cercado de Lima
– La Molina
– San Luis
– Lince
– Other previous coordination

5. Can I make the payment in your offices?

Yes the payment can be made, after coordination of the day and the hour with our representative.

6. When are breakfast delivery times?

From 8:30 am. At 12:00 m (breakfasts only)
Gifts and others at any time you wish, after coordination.

7. If an order with specific characteristics such as delivery is requested, can the order be rearranged?

Yes, prior coordination.

8. What dates do not work?

We work the 365 days of the year.

9. Do you send me a password that the order has already been delivered?

Yes, via e-mail and / or text message to the cell phone that you indicate or suggest.

10. Does shipping have any cost?

“No” shipping is free! Depending on coverage in established districts.

11. Will my order and my data be treated confidentially?

“Yes”, we guarantee absolute confidentiality, confidentiality and confidentiality of the information of the people that send and receive for your comfort and security.

12. What happens if the person you send is not there?

Breakfasts Castillo Azul coordinates with you and reschedules a shipping date with an additional cost of 20 soles per operating concepts.

13. Can I cancel the shipment of an order already paid?

Yes he is allowed, with hours of anticipation and in turn accepts for part the retention of 20 soles for operating expenses.

14. How can the payment form be?

The payment method can be of the following ways:

  • Via Bank Transfer
  • To Dealer (Counter Deliver)
  • Our stores located in Tottus

15. Can I reschedule the delivery date?

Yes, Breakfasts Castillo Azul allows you to reschedule date and destination of delivery.